PVF Division

PACE Supply’s PVF Division brings a unique combination of expertise, experience, support and a large inventory that focuses on serving a variety of industries. This uniquely positions PACE Supply to be your complete source for pipes, valves and fittings. Featuring the top manufacturers and market leaders in the industry, the PVF Division delivers superior products and service, where quality, consistency and performance are paramount.


PACE Supply offers a complete line of products when it comes to pipe, valves and fittings. The steel pipe offering includes SCH 40 and 80 black and galvanized, stainless, galvanized culvert, and water well casing. Plastic pipe includes SCH 40 and 80 PVC and   CPVC, PVC S-40 FOAMCORE, PVC SDR-26 and 21, PVC SDR-35 solvent weld and gasketed pipe, PVC drain line, polyethylene water and gas pipe, PEX pipe, PEX oxygen barrier pipe and PVC electrical conduit. We offer hard and soft copper pipe and copper refrigeration pipe.


PACE Supply offers valves, ball, butterfly, check, gate, globe, knife gate, and boiler drains in brass, carbon steel, stainless, PVC, CPVC, and cast iron.


PACE Supply offers fittings in black and galvanized 150# and  300# malleable iron, butt weld and socket weld, forged steel, stainless steel, brass, copper sweat, steel and brass nipples, brass and galvanized insert fittings for poly and PEX pipe and Insta-loc fittings. In plastic fittings Interstate offers PVC drain line and DWV, PVC and CPVC S-40 and S-80, CPVC CTS, PVC SDR-35 gasketed fittings, fusion fittings.