PACE Supply’s Wastewater Division is a leading distributor of water well and septic products. Our trained technicians are able to size and select the correct pump for your application.

Our septic systems include: sump/effluent/sewage/grinder pumps, battery backup systems, control switches, control panels (simplex, duplex and time dosages), residential alternator systems, alarms, filters, septic tanks, chambers, and all accessories.

In addition to a large inventory selection and expert help, contact our Wastewater team to visit your job site and calculate system sizing.

  • AK Industries
  • AdvanTex
  • Diversion Valves
  • EZ Flow
  • Emco Wheaton
  • Flo Control
  • Geoflow
  • Goulds
  • Hydromatic
  • Infiltrator
  • Liberty Pumps
  • Little Giant
  • Loeller
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Myers
  • NDS
  • Oldcastle Precast
  • Polylok
  • Renco Systems
  • Roth MultiTank
  • SJE Rhombus
  • Salcor
  • Seametrics
  • Spears
  • Topp Industries
  • Xerxes
  • Zabel