Coronavirus - COVID-19



Based on the latest information from the CDC and other authorities, PACE Supply will now serve customers from the outside of our branches vs. inside at our counters. We do this out of concern for the health of our employees and our customers as we attempt to reduce the transfer of the COVID-19 virus. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



All orders must be phoned, faxed, or emailed: We will pull the order and have it available for you at our new external pick-up area. If you give us your cell phone number at the time of order, we will call you when your order is ready.


When you arrive, if you have not phoned, faxed, or emailed your order, you will be asked to do so from outside.


Please continue to maintain social distancing of 6’ or more between other customers and employees.


We are happy to deliver your order to your shop or jobsite if that is suitable for you.


Bakersfield // P: 855-376-5050 | F: 661-241-5040

San Jose// P: 408-861-4100 | F: 408-861-4346

Chico // P: 800-342-6022 | F: 559-251-2073

San Rafael // P: 415-454-8282 | F: 415-454-0108

Dublin // P: 925-574-7600 | F: 925-574-2029

Santa Clara // P: 408-550-8700 | F: 408-969-0937

Fresno // P: 559-251-7581| F: 559-251-2073

Santa Rosa // P: 707-545-7101 | F: 707-547-0751

Napa // P: 707-252-9345 | F: 707-252-9476

Stockton // P: 209-463-7593 | F: 209-463-7595

Oakland // P: 510-318-6900 | F: 510-318-6794

Ukiah // P: 707-462-8707 | F: 707-463-0943

Sacramento (I-50) // P: 916-386-8347 | F: 916-386-8674

Yuba City // P: 530-673-0790 | F: 530-673-0793

Sacramento (I-80) // P: 916-890-3100 | F: 916-890-3849

Kona // P: 808-326-1466 | F: 808-326-1477

San Carlos // P: 650-517-8500 | F: 650-508-8252

Maui // P: 808-877-2757 | F: 808-871-7154

San Francisco // P: 415-644-4900 | F: 415-864-2681

Oahu // P: 808-671-7330 | F: 808-671-7331

HQ, Rohnert Park // P: 707-545-7101 | F: 707-755-2516



To All Customers of PACE Supply                                                                                                                                                                        March 18, 2020
Re: COVID-19 Regulations and Our Response

PACE Supply is taking the COVID-19 outbreak and the associated regulations very seriously. The management team is monitoring information daily and adjusting our response and policies accordingly. We understand that everyone in our industry and in the communities we serve are concerned. We would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our plans and actions as of this moment.

As parts of the plumbing and construction industries are considered Essential Services, we in turn need to keep our branches open to support those essential businesses and projects. We are committed to
maintaining a seamless supply of material to all of our customers who are performing this critical work. We ask that our customers keep our sales team informed of which jobs are continuing and which are halted so that we can manage the flow of necessary material. The more information we have, the better we can communicate to our manufacturers what our expected requirements are and maintain proper inventory throughout this time.

The health and welfare of our employees, customers and their families are our highest priority.

We are following recommendations from the CDC and WHO and have implemented the following procedures at our locations:

• Proper Social Distancing of 6 feet at our sales counters, may regulate counter entry
• Disinfecting our public surfaces multiple times per day
• Employees are regularly washing their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• Managers are sending sick employees home
• Advising employees to sneeze into their shirt sleeves

In addition, we have stopped all employee travel and in-person sales calls. We have asked our suppliers to cancel all trainings, counter events, and location visits until COVID-19 is under control and regulations have eased.

As always, we appreciate you choosing PACE Supply to be your partner. We take that responsibility seriously and want to thank you for your patience as we all work through challenges like we have never seen before.

Ted Green
Chairman of the Board
PACE Supply Corp